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Vegan Vapor Rub

Powerful & Made With Essential Oils

Created By Dr. Chidi

A Pharmacist and a Mom

African Shea Butter - Dr. Chidi's Rx - Shea Butter Skin Care All Natural Care for Dry Skin
All Natural & Plant Based

Non-Toxic and Safe For All

Dr. Chidi's Rx - Shea Butter Skin Care All Natural Moisturizing cream lotion for dry skin
Rich Moisturizers

Long Lasting Hydration for 48 Hours

Fragrance Free
Pure Essential Oils
Phthalate Free
Paraben Free
Formaldehyde Free
BPA Free
Dye Free
Cruelty Free
Worry Free


I have very dry skin, helps tremendously.
Daily Moisturizing Cream


I'm just AMAZED at how fast this got shipped! It seems like I just ordered it! The smell 👃 is very sweet & feels good to the skin as it absorbs quickly. I'm going to give it & the seller 5 stars as they've earned that rating. ⭐🌟💫✨⭐
Daily Moisturizing Cream


It’s helping my two young kiddos with cold symptoms. Great item!
Vegan Vapor Rub