Natural Skin Care for Babies and Children

Natural Skin Care for Babies and Children

We love to hug and kiss our babies and children. Their skin is soft and delicate and so lovable. Parents are aware that a baby's skin requires special attention to remain healthy and to ensure the baby's happiness.

This is why the market offers a plethora of baby skin products. Items such as Vaseline, Aquaphor, or Cetaphil include petrolatum, which many parents prefer to avoid using on their child's skin. Other products include ingredients that are unrecognizable and their safety for our precious babies is uncertain.

If you are looking for a better and healthier skin care solution for your precious child, look no further. Get 48-hour moisturizing with Dr. Chidi's Rx products!

The Creamy Body Butter and the Whipped Body Butter are great for babies and children with delicate, dry skin that could be cracked, itchy, flaky or have eczema. They are especially beneficial for children during the dry winter months and for those who live in dry climate regions. 

The All Natural Moisturizing Cream is thinner but also offers adequate hydration for your child's skin during less dry seasons. You may switch between the three butters depending on your needs or preference.

These butters will withstand all your baby's play time, rolling around, outfit changes, wipes, and mom's hugs and kisses. They have been a lifesaver for numerous children struggling with skin dryness, where popular products like Aquaphor, Cetaphil, CeraVe, Aveeno, or even prescriptions, fell short.

All natural oils and butters protect and maintain healthy skin in babies and children. Unlike other brands, we add a generous amount of rich raw vitamin-rich shea butter in our formula. The healing power of shea butter is paired with the hydrating powers of coconut oil and olive oil. Best of all it is petroleum free, paraben free, dye free, and worry free. We recommend the fragrance-free options for babies and children.


The Whipped Body Butter is preservative free. However, the super hydrating Creamy Body Butter and All Natural Moisturizing Cream contain water. Therefore, we use an all-natural preservative called optiphen plus to keep your product free from water loving germs. It has been tested and shown by the USA and European Union Cosmetics Regulation to be safe for use with both children and adults.

Give your child a bright and healthy start in life with Dr. Chidi's Rx - All Natual Skin Care.


[Photo by Anand Mylsamy:]

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